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Electrical hospital bed
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Electrical hospital bed

The maximum benefits of the best of the bed. The five advantages of hospital beds for users are :

1. Better patient location

When people lie on the bed for a long time in bed, the pressure exerted on the bed can cause the skin tissue to be trapped between the bone and the surface of the bed, resulting in pressure sores or bedsore.

For such patients, the bed provides an effective solution: they enable the user to adjust the position of the bed so that the bed can transfer the bed from one part of the body to another. And choose a mattress that can reduce friction.

2. Improve the cycle

The hospitals allow users to change and adjust beds to better locate their heads and feet. These changes allow exercise and periodically change the body's pressure points, such improving the patient's blood circulation, while she / he is in bed.

3. Safety

A hospital bed is a requirement for people who need to be monitored or occasionally constrained. Especially in the case of people who are in danger of falling down, for example, people with dementia or other cognitive impairments - the bed railings on the bed help to Reduce the risk of fracture due to fall.

Although the full bed railing is a necessity for some patients, many people use baluster as an auxiliary tool, both in bed and in bed, and in bed repositioning. These patients do not need to limit the full length of the rail. Most of our Hospital beds have full and semi rail options.

4. transfer

Usually patients encounter difficulties in bed and bed. Hospital beds make this problem easier because they have the ability to raise patients' higher or lower levels. Because of this characteristic, patients can sit up and get out of bed in relatively easy positions.

For example, people who have problems with hip and knee joints usually sit at angles greater than 90 degrees, so that they can help them to stand up comfortably. Hospital beds allow users to do this safely and effortlessly.

5. Caregiver assistance

Carol hospital bed care of a beloved person to be bedridden will bring a burden to the health of the caregivers, and a common problem they face is back pain, from frequent bending to management care. Hospital beds enable nurses to raise patients to a level that Can be taken care of, rather than tiring their bodies in the process.

In addition to these advantages, hospital beds have many choices for users in the type and type of beds. Users can choose between manual bed and electric bed, depending on their conditions and the length of time they spend on them. MealHead is committed to helping people find beds that match their needs and preferences so that they can be comfortable and personalize their living space in their own homes.