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Inspection and test method

We pay great attention to quality inspection and have a comprehensive testing laboratory with complete equipment and standard procedure. QC Inspectors are placed at each stage in the entire produce. From raw materials to finished products, we are in accordance with the EU and the US to perform rigorous testing standards.We go through a "hardware material testing machine " for sampling and testing to each batch of purchased steel materials. We test whether the steel in accordance with quality standards of raw material by gravity testing, tensile testing, and so on.

HOPEFULL screw system is tested on the professional "screw performance tester" developed by our own company. We set up 250kg resistance for it. Screw system runs more than 15000 times, and has no sliding tooth phenomenon ,meets the wear standard and no-ultimate protection function is normal,then it is qualified.

HOPEFULL castors are strictly in accordance with the EU standards and carried out sample test by professional computer castor testing machine. Each castor is load 120 kg and walking 12000 metres, and crashing barriers more than 1000 times. We also test the life of the castor brakes by "the castor brakes life testing machine ". Braking more than 15,000 times, after the castors have been tested , the wear is not excessive , no cracking , no delamination deformation , no switch is broken , and the braking function is normal, then it can be used.

After surface treatment of metal parts, we will random spot check to place them in the "sodium chloride spray test machine" to test rust & corrosion resistance of metal parts and ensure that antirust life.In order to ensure that the coating quality, we use " Metal surface scratch tester "and "metal surface impact testing machine "for the strict inspection of the workpieces. And judging the cracks, wrinkles, peeling of the coating under multiple magnifying glasses, etc,to ensure that the bed will be used for a long time without the phenomenon of lacquer dropping.

Each imported actuator of HOPEFULL is necessary to be carried out a strict life test through the "electric bed tester" and the selected motor needs to normally lift up and down for more than 15000 times under load condition. Meanwhile, we carry out 100% full load inspection for finished electric beds. We also use withstand voltage tester , resistance tester , etc . to strictly detect the electronic system according to EU standards to ensure product safety.

In order to ensure and improve the quality of plastic parts, we carry out accelerated aging tests on plastic parts to detect and improve their aging resistance.
We strictly test the hardness of all hardware through the metal hardness tester to ensure that it meets the product quality and safety standards.

In order to improve the adaptability of the products to the different temperature, we make high temperature test through "thermostatic drying chamber" to detect the high temperature resistance of the produc.

We have been using a professional "gas spring tester" to carry out strict sampling test to each batch of booster gas springs.

The Bed rail Panel, head and foot of compacted test is an important part of Bed to ensure strength to meet security needs, we Next to the strict sampling tests on each batch of railway, head and feet Panel.

The strength impact test of siderail and head & foot panel is an essential link in the performance test of hospital bed.So we have a rigorous spot check test on them to ensure that the siderail and the head & foot panel have sufficient strength and meet the requirements of safe use.