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Robot welding technology

Since 2003 our company introduced the automobile manufacturing welding robots to medical beds manufacturing. So far, we have more than 30pcs robots which imported from Japan,scale first of medical industrial production lines in China. It recognizes 100% Robot welding metal parts of the medical bed.

Our welding fixture has its own professional r & d team and they developed more than 500 sets of professional automation of welding fixture which can accurately fix the welding position to ensure a good weld quality.

As we all know, quality is very important in bed safety performance. Robot welding is different from manual welding. Robot welding based on computer programs, and is equipped with professional welding fixture and high quality welding wire. Robot welding quality is very good and stable. It prevents malpractice welding workers of different skill levels and the emotional impact of the workers, and so on. In order to ensure the reliability and stability of the entire bed structure,robot welding is irreplaceable.