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Plastic manufacture technics

Hopefull bought more than 30pcs of large-scale injection moulding machines, large-scale blow moulding machines, furthermore, it holds large-scale moulds workshop, the own design, manufacturing molds. In China, Hopefull is the first medical bed factory which can independently finish all procedures which from product design, moulding manufacturing to plastic processing in the same factory.

All the raw material of Hopefull bed plastic parts are used from Taiwanese “CHI MEI” brand, Korean “LG” brand, American”DUPONT” brand, it can completely avoid the adulteration&farrago or jerry-build quality hazard problem because of sending outside factory to process the plastic parts, and can completely control the quality well. Plastic parts independent developed, it can provide the the long term guarantee for the after sales service.

In order to ensure and improve the quality of plastic parts, we constantly carry out the destroying test of “Ultraviolet radiation anti-aging test” and “Strong force impact test” for testing and improving its anti-aging ability.