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Powder painting technics

Hopefull introduce the complete set of professional automatic environmental protection coating equipments into the medical bed metal surface disposal, and strictly execute 33pcs disposal technics procedures, the total length of the whole equipment procedure is 520m, the equipment scale and professional level are top-class in same industry.    

Hopefull us the “Double-coating technology” on all metal parts of hospital bed.                 

The first coating is electrophoresis resin base paint; it adopts automatic swimming dip style electrophoresis technics, which dip metal parts into “Japanese Nippon Paint", and then make all metal parts inside and outside surface equably coated one resin base paint, this technics can make the resin base paint protection into the workpiece inwall even the powder coating can’t recover, and realize the metal parts anti-rust inside and outside, furthermore, resin base paint can effectively improve adhesive ability of powder coating.

The second coating is static electricity powder spray coating; it adopts high quality resin powder (antibiosis and environmental protection, no any peculiar smell) via static electricity adsorbing style to paint fluently and equably on the workpiece surface, after solidify high temperature , under the help of electrophoresis resin base paint, the powder coating smoothly and firmly adsorbed on metal parts surface, it can achieve the long term anti-rust. Double coating technology is one kind of advanced technics and high quality production process, double coating workpiece compares with single coating workpiece, it can improve around 50% adhesive ability of powder coating and enhance more than 80% anti-rust ability.

In addition, every day we do the random inspection of the workpieces, adopting many inspection methods, such as “Metal surface scratch test, Metal surface impact test, Metal surface sodium chloride spraying test” and so on, strictly inspect the adhesive ability and anti-rust ability of the workpieces in order to assure the same standard quality of the medical beds.