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HOPEFULL Labor Union Established and Employees Constitution

  • Author:Yunteam
  • Source:Net
  • Release on:2016-12-12
  In order to establish a harmonious labor relationship, improve workers’ wellbeing, enrich their entertainment lives and enhance the living standards of the financially-challenged workers, HOPEFULL has formally set up the first labor union committees, female employees committees and fund inspection committees on Sept 11th 2013 under the regulations of labor Union Laws and Labor Union Constitution.
  In the name of Labour Union, HOPEFULL organized an employees’ panel discussion on 12th October 2013. The Vice General Manager of Hopefull, the manager of Human Resources Department, the supervisor of Rear-Service Department, the manager of Production Department and the supervisor of Finance Department all joined the forum. During the panel discussion, the Vice General Manager of Hopefull announced the establishment of the labor Union and its members; he stressed that the Labor Union is set up on the principles of showing respect and gaining wellbeing for employees; he also stated the prospect and future development of HOPEFULL and encouraged employees to know more about the company.
The participants are workers who worked in HOPEFULL for more than one year. Hopefull of Xianning production base started to recruit workers since February of 2012, and then On Sept 20th the company officially ignites its production. There are 300 workers, divided into five batches to join the discussion.
  In the panel discussion, there’s a lot of interactive, the workers spoke their bosom freely and many issues regarding their life and work were responded in spot.

This is the photo of the Manager of HR Department presiding the Conversazione