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The Spring Festival Annual Meeting 2013 of Hopefull

  • Author:Yunteam
  • Source:Net
  • Release on :2016-12-12
  In order to showcase the rapidly, thriving good character and friendship, enhance cohesion of company, Hopefull held a Spring Festival Annual Meeting in 6th Feb 2013. To thankful the staff members for their hard work over the past years.
  In the afternoon of 6th Feb, a warm-up interesting activities began. Tug of war, stepped ball contest, the blind man gong and a series of small activities active the atmosphere before the annual meeting. The staff were actively and rapidly completion of the preparatory work. Everything in good order and well arranged.
  The host announced the annual meeting began after the company leader toast at 18:00. Rich dishes, vivid performance, fancy gifts all attract the public eye. The Spring Festival Annual Meeting held up to two hours and filled with smiles and jokes. 
  By held a different and wonderful feeling annual meeting, let the employees know the company’s strength, to understand the development of company in the future, enhance their confident and the communication between the leader and employees. In the new year bell, we are looking forward a better tomorrow of Hopefull!

The host announced that the annual meeting began

“Horse –riding dance” show