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First phase production ceremony of central China production base

  • Author:Yunteam
  • Source:Net
  • Release on:2016-12-12

  20th Sep 2012, the south of east Yongan road of economic development area Xian’ning gongs and drums, firecrackers, Xian’ning Hopefulll medical equipment ( A ) completion ceremony was held here.
  Ren Zhenhe, secretary of municipal Party committee, Ding Xiaoqiang, mayor of Xian’ning, Jin Yong, the executive vice director of Hubei province FDA, Xie Jianfeng, the Chairman of Hopefull Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd. jointly launched welding robot. Li Jianhong,Hu Jianhua,Long Liangwen,Chen Shulin, Huang Jianxiong, Huang Honggui, Dong Guoxiang, Hu Minjun, Wang Jiming, city leaders attended the ceremony. Chen Qunlin, the administrative commission of economic development Xian’ning city host ceremony.
  The total investment of Hopefull Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is $100 million, and the main production is hospital equipment, homecare facilities, hospital bed disinfection system.
  Jin Yong, congratulations to the completion commissioning ceremony. He said, the completion commissioning of Hopefull Medical Equipment means its company entered a new historical stage, to promote the development of Xian’ning and the medical equipment of whole province played a positive boost. He hope that the Hopefull will seize the opportunity, further increase of industrial development, strengthen the brand, quality consciousness, and constantly strengthen enterprise management and quality system, try the best to make the central China production base become the most largest and advanced global care beds production base. The provincial FDA will continue to provide quality services for the enterprise, rapid and healthy development for the enterprise escort.
  Dong Guoxiang, municipal committee, legal committee secretary, he said, Xianning Hopefull medical equipment project completed and put into production in Xian’ning is a full range, high strength to undertake industrial transfer results, is a major achievement in our city investment made, will bring new development opportunities for Zhongshan Hopefull, provide strong development power for Xian’ning development, create the cooperation model for investors. Municipal Party committee, City Hall will be the spirit of "entrepreneurs, industry first" philosophy, to create high-quality and efficient political environment, civilized and harmonious social environment, fully support the Zhongshan Hopefull in the innovation and development of Xian’ning.

  The Chairman of Hopefull and Xian’ning city leaders jointly launched the welding robot