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2015 HOPEFULL Autumn Training----“Responsibility and Reliability”

      In order to stimulate our workers’ sense of responsibility and reliability , to strengthen the bear awareness, to build upthe good culture atmosphere, weexecute the autumn training with the theme of “Responsibility and Reliability ” from Nov 2th to 4th .
    1. Autumn Training open , our CEO- Mr Xie and the Head Coach-Mr Li made the opening speech .

    All of us joint actively in the training, we spread our minds and enhance our self-confidence.

    We had deeply understand the meaning of responsibility and reliability in the games , some fellows who performed well won the awards from the coaching team and got the admiration and blessing from other fellows.

    Dreamslike thenever fade flowers.Record the dreams, share the dreams, life because of the dreamsbecomes more wonderful!

    The autumn training closed perfectly and the grand training summarize dinner started .Graceful ladies and gentleman ,they all dress up attend the dinner party.

    During the dinner party , the staffs who perform excellent at the traininggave the awards.

    The training staffs actively share the experiences.

    Happy cheers, happy time , we had anunforgettable night.