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Report of HOPE-FULL Spring Party in 2017

At 5pm on Jan.24th, 2017, HOPEFULL people who worked hard for whole year cheerfully gather together to celebrate the coming Chinese new year. The theme of the party is “Data + Efficiency = 2017”, which it’s not only the new requirement for HOPEFULL also comply with the company development, it requires each HOPEFULL people to “Understand the Data” and can use the Data to conduct our jobs, and to promote our efficiency both in production and office affair.
  The form of Spring party in 2017 is different from previous ones, considering the busy production end of the year, this party activities are mainly the awarding, lottery and playing games. We are playing game and welcoming the arrival of Lunar year of Rooster. We are taking part in lottery and gain the luck, and also has the instant performance from our colleague who can play guitar while sing songs, that makes everyone enjoyable pleasure. The whole night is fulfilled with laughter and applause for wishes and encouragement.
  During the party, Director Xie makes the speeches and comments on each department’s performance in 2016. He also calls us together forge ahead in unity, grab opportunity, positively make progress so as to make further improvement in 2017.