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Report for 2017 CMEF Spring in Shanghai

  On 15th May , the 77th CMEF - China international medical equipment fair was opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, more than 200 thousand professional visitors attended.
  HOPEFULL booth area was more than 100 square meters and showed four series of products at the booth, for ICU bed we mainly displayed ourselves development turn-over bed and turn-over bed with scale function. To be worthy of praise, some important parameters on these beds are better than the international brands, and attracted many hospitals attention!
  With the development of China economy, the progress of social civilization and the improvement of hospital ward condition, hospital beds as the important medical care equipments, the requirements of beds become higher and higher. HOPEFULL actively responds to the Chinese government incentive policy of the high-class medical equipment national production, who invested large capital and human resources to do the research and development of high-class hospital bed. In recent years, the sales of HOPEFULL electric bed increases rapidly. The usage of beds in the market proved that the HOPFULL products are with the good image of “Exquisite Technics , Reliable Quality”. We believe that in high-class hospital bed there will be more and more hospitals accept HOPEFULL brand and believe HOPEFULL brand.