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  At 3pm of Feb.15,2015, we welcome the annual spring party.
  At 3pm, the tug of war began with the cheers once and again , the strong man from all departments and workshops took part in the activities and attempt to win the success.
  At 5:30pm, the party started! The topic is“STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE, GLOBAL HOPEFULL”,that expresses our spirit of Forever Enterprising and Dare to Surpass!

  The first section of the party is that HOPEFULL leaders issue the awards:
    1. Mr Chen, HOPEFULL deputy GM , took photos with the technical innovation awards winners.
    2. Mr Xie, HOPEFULL CEO, took photos with the AA level engineers

    3. Mr Xie, HOPEFULL CEO, took photos with the excellent employees 

    Great variety performances brought the joy and happy to all!
    The Purchasing Department and the Standardization Center brought the opening song and dance "GLOBALHOPEFULL" to express our deep love and praise to our HOPEFULL company.
     The pantomimic skit "Brother Zhao come to city” which performed by Mr.Chen Yazhao and Mr.Yu deqiang who from the QC department was so funny, and made everyone laughing heartily.

    Mr.Yu cheng from the QC department brought his hip-hop, which demonstrated the vigor and youth of Hopeful young people.

    Ms Lanli and Mr.Yu Deqiang from the QC department brought the antiphonal singing of love song ,the audience were enchanted by their excellent performance.

    The dance of “Decoration with lanterns and festoons” performed by the Production department,
their colorful dresses and hot dancing made all the audiences cheer up.

    Group dance “Little Apple” performed by Ms Zhangli with group members from Planning department, their practice by heart and passionate activities heated the whole party.

    1. The intense lucky draw section

    2. The beautiful female host and handsome male host
    3. The hilarious party scene
    4. The leaders, guests and crews took photos