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HOPEFULL Attend The 74th China Medical Equipment Fair

    The much-anticipated medical industry annual event ---- the 74th China Medical Equipment Fair was held in Wuhan expo center in the charming autumn days on October 18th .
    As the Asian--Pacific region's largest professional medical equipment exhibition, more than  2900 enterprises who are from 25 countries and regions take part in the exhibition , the exhibition area reaches  130,000 square meters . There are more than 40 categories and ten thousands kinds of products displayed during the conference, products including   Medical Imaging 、In vitro diagnosis(IVD) 、Medical Electronics 、Medical Optics 、Equipment for the operating room and first aid 、Rehabilitation  facilities、Health technology information 、Medical consumables 、Orthopedics facilities、Hospital equipment and outsourcing service ect.      
    Domestic and overseas Well-known medical equipment manufacturers ,The front parts suppliers ,Design research and development and  manufacturer all showed their latest products.During the exhibition ,     experts and scholars gathered together , all industry organizations compose a competitive markets, it attracted 150,000 professional audiences and visitors from different countries to visit. The medical fair  hit a new  high in scale, numbers of enterprises and academic conferences .
   There is only 80 kilometers from Wuhan Expo center to Hopeful factory.Our booth was designed into two floors, decoration with the verda and classic pattern , first floor for goods display and  second floor for customers discussion , which is convenient for clients to see goods and further discussion. The top product Multi-functional ICU bed was put on  the huge rotating platform,all functions are automatically demonstrated  and show marvelous&splendid in 360 degrees. The "Chinese Well-known Trademark" on the wall observably shows our brand how excellent !
    Our exhibition was successful and had a good performance too, it attracted many visitors to enquire and discuss.