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HOPEFULL Held Spring Festival Theme Gala------Progress to Gallop, Achieve Hopefull Great Success

On Jan 23d, Hopefull held the spring festival gala which theme is“Progress to Gallop, Achieve Hopefull Great Success”.
Firstly, Hopefull chairman Xie Jianfeng bestowed honorary certificates and prizes on 2013 annual best employee. And then leaders toasted to staffs. The gala began at the dance“No Body” that prepared by HR department. The girls beautiful dress and amazing dance attracted all the spectators. Then the group dance “Coolest Ethnic” which showed by production department raised the atmosphere to the highest point by its lively rhythm. The whole party was bustling. Everybody enjoyed the delicious meal with wonderful performance, and the stirring lottery gripped the hearts of all the members. This gala was ended in laughs and all the staffs spent a happy evening.