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Happy Farm & Love the Factory as Home

    Nearly 3 months’ careful nurture,the 16pcs happy farms which are took in charge by different departments has already in an early form.Let’s look at the winners of the Happy Farms Competition:
    “You enjoy the beauty of the flowers and the flowers admire your nobility.”It’s a piece of well manured land,flowers and grass are growing nicely.We are looking forward to the moment of a fragrant garden.
“Smiling pasta”,the lawn is so green and the grass is so lovely! It is designed as a smiling face in the middle.But we still need to wait for the plants growing up to see that scene.
“The King let you inspect the mountain,welcome to the farm and walk round”,HR department colleagues are full of love and creativity.They put themselves hearts into building this small farm.
    Assembly plant department colleagues planted several kinds of trees in their land,now it looks like a small lovely garden.Let’s grow up together with these green lives at HOPEFULL!
    Our company hopes to enrich our spare part time lives through this Happy Farm activity and find a fun from out of work. It also enhances our team cohesive force during the farm work. Wish our Happy Farm can bring more and more happiness and surprise!