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“Heart is Bright” 2016 HOPEFULL Summer Training

    Late July is the hottest time in Hubei province.The sun is blazing like a ball of fire,and the air seems too hot to breath.But HOPEFULL summer training is going on without being affected by this kind of weather.More than 80 participants devote to it.They are learning and feeling with heart by a series of elaborately planned games.
    Most of the participants in this training are from production line and the core staffs of different departments.All of us comprehend a lot after this three days of closed training.We open the hearts to communicate,encourage,shake hands and hug with each other.And now we become closer and closer without any feeling like unfamiliar,shame or not want to be close at the very beginning.After three days,most of us become good friends.We abandon the conflicts during the work and become mutual understanding.Through this training,we understand that the right attitude is so important to our life.
    Photos of HOPEFULL Summer Training: