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Hopefull Help Injured Colleague Who Suffered Traffic Accident

    Zheng Xiansheng,one of our colleague of assembly workshop,suffered traffic accident and his right feet was hurt seriously.It was already spent him 90,000 yuan to do the surgery,and he has to undergo another three operations.Zheng Xiansheng is the only person who earn money for his family and he doesn’t have savings.This accident is a disaster for his family.
    Hopefull hold a donation activity for him when we heard the news.Totally our company collected about 15,000 yuan.On August 3d,the members of Staff Union pay a visit to Zheng Xiansheng and his family members in hospital,and gave the donation to him and encourage him to overcome difficulty,cooperate with doctors to do the treatment and try to get well earlier.
    Hopefull also called on our staffs and family members to pay attention to traffic safety problem,strengthen safety conscious,and live a happy life!

    Hopefull gave the donation to Zheng Xiansheng’s father.

    Zheng Xiansheng moved to tears.