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Hospital beds options for choosing

There are some other options as well. For patients that have a high risk of falling out of their bed, a hi-low bed might be the best and most secure option. The hi-low bed goes down to as low as 7 inches off the ground, so if the patient does fall, the fall will be from a low height. Obviously in such cases a fall safety floor mat should also be used to help minimize and injury which can be incurred by a fall. Another way to avoid falls altogether is to use a half or full length bed rail that is designed to keep patients from falling.

Another option available is the bariatric hospital bed or the heavy duty hospital bed, which is made for patients that range from 350 to 1000 pounds. They are designed to be more durable and much wider to accommodate the needs of a bariatric patient. The bariatric bed is usually much more expensive, however in lots of cases there might not be too much of a choice.


Just like with the beds themselves, there are also many different options in regards to which mattress you should get. The most typical hospital bed mattress is the innerspring mattress. It is more or less the same as a regular mattress and is the perfect choice for patients who do not have to spend a lot of time in bed.

For patients that have to be in bed for longer periods of time, a foam prevention mattress might be a lot better. When a patient lies for long periods of time on a regular mattress, the risk of developing painful bed sores is increased. The foam prevention mattress is made in a way that helps such patients avoid these problems. For patients that already have bed sores or an ulcer, an alternating pressure relief mattress is what’s needed. These mattresses are designed in a way that the air cells in the mattress are alternatively inflated and deflated, thus offering soothing relief for the patient.

Hospital bed accessories

Some features and accessories to consider when buying a hospital bed include bed rails or bed canes that can both prevent the patient from falling off the bed, and assist with getting in and out of bed. These products can also be useful for patients who need some help repositioning themselves or turning over in bed. Some come with added support with feet on the ground and some have a board that goes underneath the mattress. Whatever you do, make sure that the patient doesn’t try climbing over the rails, which can be very dangerous. If the patient needs more than just the basic help getting up, lots of hospital beds have the ability to have a trapeze bar connected to it, which the patient can independently use to pull themselves up into a sitting position. If the hospital bed of your choice does not come with that ability, there is an option to get a trapeze bar that comes with a base that goes at the head of any bed.