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Let Lean Production Popular in Hope-full --------Lean Production sharing meeting

  Lean Production was carried out in Hope-full for more than one month, on 13th of June, company leadership and management together held a sharing meeting of “let lean production popular in Hope-full”, they communicate with each other of the understanding of the lean production. The production planning department manager Zhang, technology center manager Ye and purchasing department manager Cai shared their harvest and experience. In the meeting, the supervisor of each workshop talked about the achievements and progress after executing the lean production. During the meeting, our colleagues had an intense discussion about the difficulties and confusion encountered during the lean production process.
   At the meeting, the leadership made the decisions and solved the doubts, defined the company implement lean production determination and confidence. Under the big support of the leadership, all of us have full of confidence and consensus that “ we must be firmly carry out the lean production, as a manager and top line of employees ,we must keep on learning, make practice with theoretical guidance, find the problems carefully and improve them.
   Below are the photos of the sharing: