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Thumbs up to blood donation Spread love around the world

  On Jun 29th, HOPEFULL and the Blood Center together organized an activity of Blood Donation in HOPEFULL for year 2017. Several employees took part in the activity actively and devoted their loves to the public welfare. Three colleagues were impressive, since they actively participated in HOPEFULL Blood Donation every year.
  Mr Du, who is from Storage Center, is nearly fifty and slim. He told us the story that behind his blood donation. His first blood donation in 2009,but not voluntary. Because his newly born daughter had a congenital heart disease and needed a surgery urgently. But there were so many patients waiting for the surgery and he didn’t know when would his daughter’s turn. Mr Du was told by the hospital that if the family members volunteered donate blood, the patient would have a priority to get the surgery. So he made his first blood donation in order to save his little daughter. Mr Du thought that his daughter also got blood from other donors during the surgery, he got the care and help from the society and he should also give back his love to the society.
  Mr Tong, who is from technology department, is a strong man. He said “a heath person donated blood according to the rules, there were no impact on the body. After blood donation, the body's hematopoietic tissue automatically speeds up blood flow. It’s good for the body and avoid arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. And the family members can benefit from your blood donation, they can get free blood when need, why not?
  Mr Yu, who is from QC department, is a young man with special warm sunshine. The reason for his blood donation is so simple, “Young, it’s not a big deal to donate some blood.” He is such a cute guy!
  We didn't interview all the donors. But I believe every blood donor has his own story and different feeling. The love is warm and real. We hereby also call on more friends to join the voluntary blood donation team and do our bits to continue and save other’s life.