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Support Xianning Central Hospital

  • Author:Hopefull
  • Release on :2020-04-21
In the morning of February 10th, HOPE-FULL Medical Equipment co., ltd. donated 50 sets of medical beds to the downtown hospital to meet the needs of the hospital and support the epidemic prevention .

According to the unified arrangement of the headquarters for the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus, the downtown hospital will collect and treat critically patients in the city, and these patients will be arranged in the hospital building NO.3 for intensive isolation treatment. But the hospital was puzzled for short of hospital bed.When HOPE-FULL heard the demand of the hospital, at the first time, it organized workers to work overtime to make out 30 sets of medical beds, plus 20 sets in stock, totally 50 sets of beds were donated to the downtown hospital for free.

The spirit of HOPE-FULL is “Spread Blessing and Social Commitment”. In the key moment of the whole country to fights with the epidemic together, we HOPE-FULL will try our best to satisfy the hospital demand and help it to tide over the difficulties.