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The 2016 US FIME show Report

    The 2016 US FIME show was held on 2-4 August 2016 in the beautiful Miami Beach Convention Center Florida USA. The United States is the largest producer and consumer of medical equipments in the world, it’s not only provides 40% of the medical equipments but also consumes 37% from all over the world. Many brand manufacturers are seriously care about the annual FIME Exhibition, especially for the high-end products, this fair is the very important show platform.
    HOPEFULL showed the new generation high precision weighing bed and multifunctional electric bed to this exhibition. Many American competitors saw the products and very surprised that the gap of products technics and technology between HOPEFULL and the world top brands became smaller and smaller,HOPEFULL even surpass in some aspects.
    During the past 17 years development, HOPEFULL continues to participate in the overseas exhibitions, we pay close attention to the most advanced development and at the same time push forward the acceptance of HOPEFULL brand in overseas markets. The export volume increased rapidly these years, and the situation is very delightful. We believe that HOPEFULL bed will become better and better in the international market.