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The Establishment of BRIGHT Club

    On Sept. 23rd ,HOPEFULL company staffs successfully set up the first club-----BRIGHT Club by themselves since the company established. More than 80 members all wore in apple green polo shirt and gathered together to celebrate the formal establishment of the club.
    “BRIGHT” comes from the word “Bright”. It means bright and cheerful. The established purpose is to call on and encourage us to be active, cheerful and happy in our work and life. We should not only bring light to ourselves, but also illuminate the people around us.
     In the ceremony, the delegates led a chorus of club song----- "Let the world be full of love”, and put on the club emblem for every member. After the ceremony, Deputy Chief Li led several members to visit an employee who was paralyzed in bed and presented him a HOPEFULL bed.
     The club will organize more activities to enrich our life for future. Let’s expect it!