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The Hopefull Tree Planting Activity in 2015

    The spring is coming and everything goes green, and each conner on the earth is full of spring spirits.
    On 25th April at 8:30am, the H&R department organized the directors and office staffs attended the planting activity together.
    The planting activity in spring is becoming Hopefull tradition. All the staffs worked together, they not only beautified the environment, but also knew more about each other and deepened their friendship.
    It was divided into six groups to develop the activity. All the gentlemen took care of heavy loads such as dig and carry young saplings, dig holes and so on. Women are no inferior to men. Many female staffs worked hard with male staffs. The road was very slippery and abrupt, and the staffs in the front offered their hand to help other people go up the small mountain. All the staffs are enthusiastic; they planted the trees in the designated spot, and hang their name card on the young tree. The saplings like all the staffs work in Hopefull, they took roots in Hopefull and grow up in Hopefull! 
    Below are part of images took from activity: