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Loving Blood Donation with love in Warm Winter

    In order to respond to the activity call of High Tech Zone and Blood Center with the theme of “Blood Donation with love, Feeding back to Society”, HOPEFULL organized a significant activity of Blood Donation on the afternoon of Dec 19th 2015.This is the third time for HOPEFULL arranging the blood donation. HOPEFULL insisted on holding this public service activity every year for the benefit of society and human since the factory moved to Xianning at end of 2012.
    There were total 31 employees from different departments joined in this donation. It wasn’t the first time even for most of them. For example,Vice-supervisor Haixia Xiong from Planning Department donated her blood every year and this was her third time. Technician Haijun Kan from plastic workshop kept donating his blood several years and his certificate are full of records.In the activity,medical workers answered several questions and consultations about blood donation to help people establishing correct idea of “scientific blood donation and harmless to health”.
    These 31 blood donors were praised by the company for their noble quality of selfless dedication,solidarity and friendship and contribution to society. Everyone got one record of praise and a reward of gift,some soup  for body recovery by the company.
    Below is the pictures of this activity: