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Warm Love of Blood Donation under Ruthless Flood

    Recently,Hubei province suffered heavy rain and serious flood disaster, troops and armed police dispatched a large number of soldiers to participate in flood fighting and protect the peace of the people with life.Many soldiers were injured because of charging in the most dangerous scene of disaster. And lots of them needed blood transfusion.But it was in summer and the number of the number of people taking part in donating blood were reduced. The clinical blood use of the city was in a state of tension. City blood station staff called for enterprises and institutions to organize blood donation, to solve the urgent problem.
   HOPEFULL organizes voluntary blood donation every year,but also this time.Once we knew the demand of city blood station,our HR department took prompt action to propose the blood donation.On the second day,we organized twenty-five employees to the blood station to donate blood.
   We recorded these respected and lovely employees with the photos: