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B02 rescue bed hydraulic

B02 rescue bed hydraulic

  • The main function
  • A. Back speed
  • B. Leg lift
  • C. Full bed hydraulic lift
  • D. The whole bed is extremely flat
  • E. The whole bed is tilted back and forth
  • F. Full bed X-ray film
  • G. Straight orientation
  • H. The whole bed can be washed
  • Size parameters
  • The whole bed length is 2145mm±10mm
  • Full bed width 770mm±10mm
  • Height of the bed and the floor (minimum) 580mm ± 10mm
  • Height of bed and floor (maximum) 910mm±10mm
 The standard configuration  Optional extended configuration  can choose colour 
 Rocker system 1 set  mattress  A. ivory white
 Gas spring lifting system 1 set  Infusion stand  
 European long protective fence (wind embedded mechanical angle display) 1 set    
 Eight inch central control single wheel 4  
 Front and rear, left and right brake pedals 4  
 Lifting the pedal 2  
 Pressure relief pedal 2  
 Φ75mm anti-collision wheel 4  
 Infusion stand socket 4  
 Five-inch directional fifth round 1 set  
 Oxygen cylinder rack 1  
 Folding armrest 2  
 Door armrest 1  
 Folding infusion stand 2  
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