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F868a-ch Multifunctional electric turn-over bed

F868a-ch Multifunctional electric turn-over bed

  • Main function:
  • A.Back section up/down
  • B.Knee section up/down
  • C.Auto-contour
  • D.Whole bed up/down
  • E.Trendelenburg/Reverse Tren.
  • F.Part bedboard lateral tilting
  • G.Weighing scale
  • H.Auto-regression
  • I.Manual quick release CPR
  • J.Electric CPR
  • K.One button cardiac chair position
  • L.One button trendelenburg
  • M.Angle display
  • N.Backup battery
  • O.Built-in patient control
  • P.Under bed light
  • Remark:
  • LCD nurse master controller
  • Technical data:
  • Mattress platform size:(1960x850)±10mm
  • External size:(2190x995)±10mm
  • Height range:(590-820)±10mm
  • Back section angle:0-72°±2°
  • Knee section angle:0-36°±2°
  • Tren./Reverse Tren. angle:0-13°±1°
  • Part Lateral tilting angle:0-31°±2°
 Technical data:  Main function:  Option :
 Mattress platform size (1960x850)±10mm  A.Back section up/down  Electrical foot control
 External size (2190x995)±10mm  B.Knee section up/down  Exit alarm
 Height range (590-820)±10mm  C.Auto-contour  Iv pole
 Back section angle 0-72°±2°  D.Whole bed up/down  Lifting pole
 Knee section angle 0-36°±2°  E.Trendelenburg/Reverse Tren.  Integrated hook
 Tren./Reverse Tren. angle 0-13°±1°  F.Part bedboard Lateral tilting  Oxygen cylinder holder
 Lateral tilting angle 0-31°±2°
 G.Weighing scale  Writing table
 H.Auto-regression  Instrument tray
 I.Manual quick release CPR  Green color
 J.Electric CPR  Gold color
 K.One button cardiac chair position  Blue color
 L.One button trendelenburg  
 M.Angle display  
 N.Backup battery  
 O.Built-in patient control  
 P.Under bed light
 Remote master controller
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