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Houfu Trade Union Activity Report

  On the evening of February 26, 2019, the company's first company birthday event was held in Taihe Cinema in Tonghui Plaza, and the new 3D blockbuster "Alita" was released.
  This sci-fi giant has a good online review and excellent visual effects. Many employees take this opportunity to watch movies with their lover or child. It feels very warm! There were popcorn and cola on the spot, and the children were very happy! Some employees haven't watched movies for several years, and this event just reminds them of the sense of presence in the cinema. Everyone is sincerely grateful to the company for organizing a special and meaningful event to celebrate the birthday of the employees!

  On the afternoon of March 8th, Women’s Day, the Ministry of Human Resources organized all the female compatriots of the company to visit the city museum, and coordinated with the city museum in advance, arranged two lecturers to lead the people from unearthed cultural relics, major historical events, historical celebrities, Folklore, folk art life and other aspects have introduced the history of Xianning's native humanities in detail.
Although most of them are natives of Xianning, but there is no such systematic understanding of the history of Xianning, so the visit has a particularly positive and positive significance for our knowledge of growth. Many colleagues have said that it is not enough to come once, there will be time to come often, and they will bring their families and children to study.